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المؤهلات العلمية

M.B.B.CH., Faculty of Human Medicine, with total grade very good with Honours  
M.Sc. in Basic Medical Sciences (physiology), Faculty of Human Medicine  
M.D. in Basic Medical Sciences (physiology), Faculty of Human Medicin
DHPE (deploma of health profession education)



Assissiate professor in physiology department from 2020
Assisstant professor in physiology department from 2011
Lecturer in physiology department from 2008 
Assistant Lecturer in Physiology department from 2004 
Demonstrator in physiology department from 1999 
Supervisor of clinical skills lab. Faculty of Medicine, female branch Najran University, from  2013 till 2018
Member in medical education committee from 2016 till 2019

التخصصات والمهارات

Current position :
  1. Assistant professor of physiology, Faculty of Medicine, female section - Najran University, from  2011 till now.
  2. Supervisor of academic guidance unit in Faculty of Medicine, female section - Najran University, from  2011 till now.
  3. Coordinator  of physiology department, Faculty of Medicine, female section - Najran University, from  2012 till now
  4. Registrar of  Faculty of Medicine, female section - Najran University, from  2012 till now
  5. Member in student support committee from 2013 till now
  6. Member in exams revision committee of physiology department from 2013 till now
  7. Member in student disciplinary committee from 2019 till now
  8. Member in timetables and classrooms regulation from 2019 till now
  9. Member in annual program report committee
  10. Member in medical education department

الدورات التدربية

Courses and workshops in the field of development and promotion of faculty teaching staff, in Najran University
E learning workshop, 1433, 2012
Blackboard Learn 9.1 ,14-16/3/1433, 2012
Exam preparation workshop, 25-26/5/1433. 2012
E learning workshop, 1437,2016
Administration of students behavior and improvement of their learning 1439, 2018
Introduction to Rubrics 1439. 2018
E learning workshop 1439. 2018
Workshop : How to put a studying plan 1440, 2019
Workshop: about electronic platforms, 1440, 2019
Workshop: How to write a proposal, Deanship of scientific research, 1440, 2019
How to be a distinctive academic advisor, 1440, 2019. Central academic advising unit.
Timetables, reality and hopefully, 27-6-1440, 2019. Deanship of admission and registration
Performance indicators and benchmarkings, 30 September 2019 (5H)
Quality requirments for students academic advising services according to developed standards of NACCC 18 September 2019 (5H)
ورشة عمل لائحة تاديب الطلاب work shop of disciplinary regulations for students
How to make electronic exam: 1442, deanship of electronic learning.
Work shop on virtual classes: 1442, deanship of electronic learning.
Hope making program for improvement of stumbling students. central unit of academic advising of najran university, 8-11-2020
Work shop on structuring of  the teaching plan for medical college, najran university, 9-11-2020
*Training programme in the faculty of Science mathematics and computer department, Zagazig University in: MS-DOS, Windows and SpssWin. (3 months)
*Successfully passed TOEFL exam, Language center , Zagazig University.
*courses in the field of development and promotion of faculty teaching staff, Zagazig University , which are:
- Ethics and morals in the university teaching profession.
 (15 h.)
- New trends in teaching. (15 h.)
- Credit Hours System. (15 h.)
- The skills of effective communication. (15 h.)
- Exam evaluation. (15 h.)
- Time management and meeting.   (15 h.)

الأبحاث العلمية


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