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استاذ مشارك

المرتبة العلمية: أستاذ مشارك
الكلية: التمريض
القسم: تمريض الامومة والطفولة 

أستاذة اكاديمية وباحثة في مجال صحة المرأة

المؤهلات العلمية

Bachelor's degree of nursing- 
A master's degree of nursing (maternal and newborn- 
health nursing)
PhD in nursing (maternal and newborn health- 


  • Procurator to the director of quality assurance unit at faculty of nursing, Benha university, (19- 1-2013/ 15-9- 2013).
  • Coordinator of quality and development unit, nursing college, (2014- 2015).
  • Coordinator of research activities, nursing college, 2014-2015).
  • head of academic accreditation committee in quality and development unit (2016- 2017).
  • Coordinator of maternity and childhood health nursing department, nursing college, (2014 till now )
  • Coordinator of the academic advising unit, nursing college, (2018-2020)
    • head of teaching and learning committee in quality and development unit (2021-till now).
    • Head of Exams and control committee (2020-till now).
    • Participate in internship training program
    • Member of th internal committee to review the nursing program and courses specification and reports
    • Member of the preparing and reviewing committee of the nursing program study

التخصصات والمهارات

  • Demonstrator
  • Assistant lecturer
  • Lecturer
  • .Assistant prof.
  • .Associate prof.

الدورات التدربية

Communication skills and effective treating
with others
Statistical analysis
Self-evaluation and external review
Strategic planning
Effective presentation
MS Office power point 2016
Scientific Publishing in the Arab World:
Problems and Strategies
Infection control for COVID-19
Applied statistics (SPSS)
Systemic reviews: Not as difficult as we think
Social Etiquette (Dealing Arts)
Technology in scientific research
Structuralism in Research and Criticism: The Openness and Closeness Debate
"Statistical Analysis of Questionnaire Data that
Designed to Measure Facts in Social Research "

الأبحاث العلمية

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المقررات التدرسية

  • Obstetrics and gynecology nursing
  • Woman health nursing
  • Woman health II
  • Woman health III
  • Nursing ethics
  • Teaching and learning principle
  • Research methodology
  • Graduation project
  • Vital statistics & epidemiology
  • Growth and development

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